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Terms and Rules of Cardfight Vanguard

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Terms and Rules of Cardfight Vanguard Empty Terms and Rules of Cardfight Vanguard

Post by Aichi Sendou on Fri Feb 14, 2014 11:43 pm

For people who are to lazy to look them up here you go

Your deck MUST be 50 cards.
Your deck MUST have 16 triggers.
You can have up to 4 of one card.
You start by selecting a grade 0 from your deck and place it face down, that card is your vanguard.
Each player draws five cards. They may return any cards they want, then shuffle their deck and draw again.
Rock Paper Scissors, coin toss or dice roll decides who goes first winner must go first.
The person that goes first cannot attack that turn.
Turn flow is simple:  there are six phases- stand phase, draw phase, ride phase, main phase, battle phase, end phase.
Stand phase-all cards that are in rest stand
Draw phase- the player draws a card.
Ride phase- you can ride a vanguard the same grade or one higher once a turn.
Main phase- you can use counter blasts, soul blasts, or call rearguards your rear guards cannot be a higher grade than your vanguard.
Battle phase- this is when you can attack however the first turn skips this. When an attack is declared you can guard if the attack of the target plus the shield of the guards and the the attacking monster is the same the attack goes through.
End phase- some effects may activate here. Once the effects are done it's the next players turn.

Grade: grade is the level of the card. The top left of each card there is a number 0-4 that number is the grade.
Vanguard: The vanguard is the leader and is in the top center of the field.
Hand: Your hand is the cards you are holding there is no limit to the cards you hold.
Bind: Bind is when a card is removed from play. The card is placed outside the field face down and added at the end of the turn.
Lock: When a card is locked it is flipped face down and stays that way until the end of your turn not the current turn. When locked a card cannot move, intercept, use an ability, or retire.
Soul: Soul is the cards under the vanguard.
Soul Charge: Soul charge lets you place the top card of your deck in the soul.
Rearguard: The rearguards are extra cards that can attack. There can only be five rearguards at once, one at each side of the vanguard and one card below each of those.
Clan: Each card belongs to a clan. The Clan is listed under the cards name.
Race: Each card also has a Race. The Race is listed under the Clan
Critical: Each card also has a Critical which determines damage if your attack hits a Vanguard. As of now, all cards have a base of 1 Critical.
Ride: Ride is when you place a card on top of your vanguard.
Call: Call is when you place a card in a rearguard slot.
Stand: Stand is when a card is able to attack. They are vertical when they are standing.
Rest: A card is rested if it attacks or a skill says to rest it. When a card is rested you turn it sideways.
Retire: Retire is when a card is destroyed. You can also retire a rearguard to place a new one in its place.
Drop Zone: The Drop Zone is behind the deck, any card you used to guard or that is retired goes to the grave.
Attack: To declare an attack you turn your card sideways and state who the target is. Only units in the front can attack or be attacked
Boost: If you have a grade 0 or 1 behind a card they can boost it. To boost you rest the card when the card in front attack and the attacks get added up.
Guard: guard is when you use cards from your hand to block an attack. A cards shield is located on the middle left. You can only use cards up to your vanguards grade to guard. There is no limit to the number of cards you can use to guard.
Sentinel: A sentinel is a grade 1 with a shield of zero. As of now they come in 2 different types. Perfect Guard (which stops attacks from hitting) and Quintet Walls (which guard with your top 5 cards)
Intercept: Intercept is a skill all grade 2's have. When an attack is declared a grade 2 may guard even if its on the field but only if its in the front, that will be the case most of the time since they cannot boost.
Drive Trigger Check: Drive Trigger Checks happen when the vanguard attacks and your opponent has chosen to guard or not, you reveal the top card of your deck if its a trigger it activates, if you have a member of its clan on the field then you add the card to your hand.
Twin Drive: Twin drive is done in place of a drive check if your vanguard is a grade 3 you check the top two card instead of one.
Damage Trigger Check: Damage Trigger Checks happen when an attack hits the vanguard, same as a drive check but the card goes to the damage zone not your hand.
Damage: Damage is when an attack hits the vanguard. First to six damage loses.
Damage Zone: Damage zone is all the way to the left of the field.
Trigger: A trigger is a grade 0 that has a symbol on the top right hand side. All triggers give an extra 5000 attack to a card of your choice
Heal Trigger: A heal trigger has a green symbol on the top right. If you have equal or more damage then your opponent, you MUST heal one damage.
Critical Trigger: A critical trigger has a yellow symbol on the top right it gives the ability to hit for an extra damage and if you want you can split the extra damage and the power boost between two units if you wish.
Draw Trigger: Draw triggers have a red symbol on the top right they allow you to draw an extra card. If a twin drive is being used you draw your card then check for the second trigger.
Stand Trigger: A stand trigger lets you stand one of your rearguards again after they have attacked letting them attack one more time.
Skill: Is an ability listed on the card. Their are 3 types of skills.
ACT Skill: These can only be used during the Main Phase and may be used as many times as long as you can pay the cost.
AUTO Skill: These must fulfill a certain condition in order to be activated. These may be used at any Phase.
CONT Skill: These skills are always active unless it is a Limit Break skill and you are not at 4 damage.
Counter Blast: A counter blast is a cards effect that relies on the damage you take. To use you say that your going to use it then you flip cards in your damage zone face down equal to the number stated.
Soul Blast: Soul blast is the same as a counter blast but you take cards out of your soul.
Limit Break: Limit breaks happen when you are at four or more damage.
Crossride: A Crossride is a term to describe a card that has an effect that states: "When (insert specific card name) is in the soul, this card gains +2000 power" is riden upon said unit.
Breakride: A Breakride is a term to describe when you ride upon another card with an effect that states: When a (Insert Clan) rides this unit, (insert a specific skill) and choose your vanguard, and that unit gets +10000 Power until end of turn.
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