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SKA Ranking System- YVP

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SKA Ranking System- YVP Empty SKA Ranking System- YVP

Post by Carpe_Diem on Wed May 27, 2015 5:40 pm

Ranking and Point System Introduction

I would like to welcome you all to Shadow Knight Academy, or as we call it SKA. Here at SKA we do things a bit differently compared to other academies you may find online. For one we do not use the traditional test base ranking system a lot of the other academies use. Instead we use a more competitive ranking system. It is through this system (explained below) that you are able to move through the ranks that we have here.

Now you may all notice that on your profiles there is a something called YVP Value. Essentially, YVP stands for three things: Yugioh, Vanguard, and Pokemon. Given that we allow players from each of these three games to come and call this forum home, we value each of them. Now one must understand that this forum is mainly a Yugioh Forum, but we will do our best to incorporate the other two games.

The way the ranking works is quite straight forward. In terms of all three game, you will be rewarded points for every match you win against another member on here. For every match you win, you will receive 3 points for a 2-0 victory or 2 points for a 2-1 victory. There will be 1 point deducted for every match you lose. Now in order to ensure the integrity of this system, ranked duels must be agreed upon, and must be verified using one of two methods. The first method involves taking a pic of the agreement (screenshot), or making a challenge post before the duel and having your opponent reply back in acceptance. Also, to verify results you will again have two options, either you have a pic of the end results which you post in the designated forum area for match results, or you have your opponent verify the results in your post.

Results and Points Awarded

Won Match (2-0) - Gain 3 Points
Won Match (2-1) - Gain 2 Points
Lost Match - Lose 1 Point

Match Verification (Agreement and Result)

Option A- Screen Shot/Picture
Option B- Opponent Verifies in Response to you Challenge/Results Post

Given that there are three separate games, a forum member may have upto three numbers in their YVP Value box.


(Numbers are made up and are not relevant in anyway other than the fact to be used as an example)

Player A- Only Plays Yugioh, thus had the following stat = Y-123
Player B- Plays both Yugioh and Vanguard, which leads to= Y-25 V-56
Player C- Plays all three games and thus has the following= Y-200 V-53 P-16


In terms of Rank, the following number of points must be collected.

Legendary: 500
Expert: 300
Intermediate: 150

There will also be tournaments which will involve the winner receiving a vast amount of points in one shot, such as the winner might receive 50 points for just winning the tournament.


A member may reach the next rank if any of their three point systems reach the necessary amount of points needed. Summation of points will not result in promotion, thus having 50 points in each category will not mean that you will achieve Intermediate rank.

Final Notice

All YVP values will be constantly monitored by Admins and Mods. Should any disputes or arise, we ask that you pm us, with significant proof. As in if you believe you should have more points, then link all of your match winning posts to indicate such. We will not respond to you if you don't provide proof of your claims, and this also relates to verifying your results. It is your responsibility to ensure you have pics or verification you need to earn your points. Simply saying you forgot will not be sufficient. We also reserve the right to deny you points if we feel that you are abusing the system in any means necessary, which includes but is not limited to you and your friend giving each other free wins. Any decision we make may be appealed with the significant amount of proof. This is only to ensure the integrity of this system.

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