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Welcome Guest, to our first Tag Duel event! this event is going to be a huge one and in the same time entertaining. As we all know it is impossible to tag duel on Dueling Network so this event will take place on DevPRO ONLY.


  • This event, as well as any other event in PDA follows our Main Events rules.
  • This event will take place on DevPRO ONLY. So don't ask if it's okay to use YGOPro or Kaiba Corp(if you know it).
  • You must have devpro installed and ready to go.
  • Full coordination between players during the tag duels is allowed. Collaboration on one another’s decks is encouraged.
  • This event will be following the latest TCG/OCG Banlist from Konami (Both TCG and OCG are allowed).
  • The banned decks will be listed soon, but this time we are only going to ban a few decks. This is NOT open for negotiations. If you mention anything such as "this should be banned", "why did you ban this", etc you will be dealt with.


  • To sign-up in this, you have to use the following format to sign-up yourself and your partner.
  • If you do not use the format your post will be ignored.
  • It is preferred for you and your partner to have the same Time Zone.
  • You MUST be registered at this academy in order to participate.
  • Sign ups will close at 9th of September, 9:00 PM on PDA's clock.

You can use this to find out your time zone and your partner's.

Banned Decks

This list may and be updated anytime while the sign-ups are open for this event.

  • Yosenju
  • Burning Abyss
  • Qliphorts
  • FTK
  • Burn/Final Countdown/Self-Destruct Button Tie-Out
  • Stall/Mill (as in milling your opponent or stalling until he/she decks out)
  • Exodia


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